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Full Moon January 2020 Wolf Moon Ritual Ideas and information.

Full moon information about the Wolf Moon in the Northern Hemisphere.  I talk about how to approach rituals, how to choose your Gods and magick. 

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Winter Solstice 2019 YULE

A little talk on the origins of the Solstice, Christmas, Yule and much more.  How to decorate, celebrate and the Pagan meaning behind it all. 

The MYTHS of the Sun God: watch all three parts.


Talking about SAMHAIN 2019. The witches NEW Year

Samhain.  (Sow-In) is the name of the Celtic Holiday celebrating the dead and the underworld. I speak about that a bit and how to celebrate the SABBAT.   The deep meaning of it and the lighter side as well. 



Because I am doing a show now in NYC which about my path as a Witch this has been on my mind quite a lot.  Its been hard to expose my self this way in front of a live audience but its also quite freeing to tell my truth.


Mabon? Fall harvest and Autumn Equinox of Paganism/Wicca

Bright Blessings and Blessed Be!

I have a little talk here about Mabon the Sabbat in Wicca. Also known as Autumn Equinox in the northern hemisphere.  Some ideas about the sabbat, the altar, the food and what its all about plus my witchy beginnings. 

Midsummer! Summer Solstice! Info and ideas!

Hi!!! Many blessings!

I have given you some information on the holiday, its history and some ideas to celebrate it.

Please get in touch with any questions.  

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Interview Witches of NYC. Joe Zuchowski and Jezibell Anat teachers, witches, historians, performers!

When I first entered Enchantements to begin my studies back in the 1990s the first person I met and one of the strongest influences on my path was Joe Zuchowski and then I met his partner Jezibell at Grove/Pagan Way class. What I got was a fun, wise, intense, expansive and powerful beginning of my own witch life.  I went back again to study in 2003 and spent many more years with these two wonderful beings in my life. They are still but now far away in Georgia having a wonderful life down there.  I will be doing more with them in the future but take a cup of herbs and sit and listen to this wonderful look at NYC in the late 20th century and the witches of NYC! 


Blessed Beltane! Just a little about the holiday and ideas to celebrate

Beltane is a holiday of fertility, sex, and love.  The God and Goddess wed and are mated. It is the most fertile time of the year in the northern hemisphere!  

Ostara!! Spring Equinox! What it is and how to celebrate!

A little talk about the Witches Sabbat Ostara.  Spring Equinox named for the Goddess Eostre! Eggs, Bunnies, magick, full moon work and how to lay out a Sabbat celebration as a solitary or in a coven.


Many Blessings! 

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A Chat with Lady Rhea. Witch Queen of NYC, founder of Enchantments NYC and Author.

My interview with Lady Rhea about her life and work. She takes us from her childhood in The Bronx NYC where she was seeing the Goddess and interested in witchcraft to her work with Herman Slater and the Magickal Childe in NYC and forward to her opening of Enchantments and her publishing and reading work. A mother, an artist, a teacher, a witch and an author who calls herself a WiccaBu (Wiccan Buddhist)! 


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Here's the Teacher of Leonormand she mentions: Rita Segara